2018 Spring school trip to welcome new students - KOBE TOYO Japanese College

KOBE TOYO Japanese College

2018 Spring school trip to welcome new students

We went to new students welcoming school trip as always.

We went to Awaji Island. Students made soap at Parchez Hall. They were making original soap while listening to staff speaking in Japanese.

The place we visited next was Izanagi Shrine, which is famous for Sazareishi(pebble) and a large Torii (an entrance to a sacred shrine).

We experienced Japanese traditional cultures like drawing a fortune and learning how to worship at shrine.

The group photo was taken at Awaji Hana Sajiki(Awaji botanical garden ) The photo of about 170 members is spectacular.

It was impressed to know that students were challenging to communicate with tourists and staffs at the stores in Japanese on this trip.

There were miscommunication and mishearing. However, students looked being satisfied when they could express what they wanted to say with Japanese they’ve just learned.

It starts 9-days off from tomorrow. (known for Golden Week in Japan).

We hope students have a great holiday.