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How to apply - KOBE TOYO Japanese College

KOBE TOYO Japanese College

How to apply

How to apply

  1. Post the required documents by EMS or other express postal services.
  2. Confirm that there are no incomplete documents before you post them. If any documents are incorrect in any way, your application may not be accepted.
  3. Please send your documents to us by email or fax for proofreading before you post the original documents.
  4. The application form and application fees cannot be refunded for any reason.

Application Period

  • For April enrollment, it MUST be by the end of November each year.
  • For July enrollment, it MUST be by the end of March each year.
  • For October enrollment, it MUST be by the end of May each year.
  • For January enrollment, it MUST be by the end of September each year.

Method of Selection

  1. Consideration of the application form including essay submitted.
  2. Consideration of plans after graduation.
  3. Consideration of all the documents submitted including educational and Japanese-learning background.
  4. Consideration of documents about funding.
  5. (In some cases) Japanese language test or interview test in Japanese language.