Features - 神戸東洋日本語学院

Features - KOBE TOYO Japanese College

KOBE TOYO Japanese College

School Features

The class are divided into beginner, intermediate, advance as standard classes, and college preparation classes depending on the students’ Japanese level and requirements.

Classes are taught by our highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Our classes are not just one-way traffic where the teacher dose all the talking. The classes are designed to encourage individual thinking and allow each student to participate in the lively class environment.

In addition to our regular classes, we also provide college preparation classes, JLPT preparation classes and conversational classes etc.

[Classes divided by Japanese levels]

Beginning level

There are two classes, N4 and N5 in beginning class each. In this class, you will learn basic Japanese we use in daily life. Although you learn grammar for main, you also learn how to write an essay and speech in Japanese.

Intermediate level

In this class, you learn Japanese from ordinary situations, business situations to academic Japanese. Our curriculum is corresponding to N2 and N3 JLTP and EJU so students aim for raising their score and passing exam while exposing many different question formats. Also, we help students to raise operational ability with offering speech, debate, and writing class.

Upper level

In this class, students learn grammar and vocabulary of N1 and solve JLTP past exams, so they enhance their ability to pass N1 JLTP practical format. After acquiring N1, we use real materials that Japanese use in daily life such as TV programming and newspaper to aim for brushing up four skills, “reading, writing, listening, and speaking.” For going to school, students also are expected to acquire ability of writing skills for academic essay.

[Preparation Classes]

EJU・JLPT Preparation Class 1~2 months before the JLPT/EJU examinations, our classes will be divided into 2 parts,
part 1 will continue with the regular curriculum and part 2 will be concentrating on examination preparations such as Listening, Reading Comprehension, Essay etc.

Mock Examination: 2 weeks before the actual examination, we will provide a mock examination to help prepare the students to better their results in the real examination.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (as known as JLTP) Preparation Class

In this class, through practical problem of JLTP, students are expected to find what they are not good at Japanese and figure out how to raise their scores comprehensively. Since we analyze the students’ result of multiple pre-tests, students can see transition of their scores. Then they clearly understand how change of their Japanese ability would be and what they are not good at English.

EJU Preparation Class

Most of Universities in Japan, a record of EJU is needed when students want to go to the next stage of higher education. There are two classes divided. In the beginning class, students can learn forms and tips how to solve questions. In the practical courses, you can expose so many questions based on what level you are. Also, teachers supervise not only English but also mathematics, science, integrated course.

TOEFL Preparation Class

Lately, the number of schools asking for the score of TOEFL to international students has been increasing when they take an exam for entering a college/ a graduate school. Through a year, students see how to solve questions with actual TOEFL formats. Students are expected to learn listening, reading, speaking, and writing from fundamental. Anyone can welcome to join this class.

[Counselling academic career]

Based on room teacher system, we council in detail through counseling students. We make sure what students want to do and what they need to do individually. After class, we work on introducing graduate schools, universities, technical colleges for students, checking students’ documents of an application. Also, a few times in a year, we invite universities and technical colleges to our school to hold a guidance for future academic career, and leading students to campus tour for universities and technical colleges. We support students to go forward to the next step.