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Educational Activities Evaluation - KOBE TOYO Japanese College

KOBE TOYO Japanese College

Japaneses Educational Insitution Educational Activcies Evaluation

Kobe Toyo Japanese College has been approved complying with “Japanese Educational Institution Educational Activities Evaluation” by Association for Promotion of Japanese Language Education. Our goal is to improve the qualities of education in the field of Japanese Education Institution.
  • 1. School Management
  • 2. Student Recruiting
  • 3. Student Selecting
  • 4. Payment
  • 5. Student Support
  • 6. Faculties
  • 7. Institutions
  • 8. Educational Activities
  • 9. Safety and Crisis Management
  • 10. Compliance

♦Overall Findings from committee on Japanese Educational Institution Educational Activities Evaluation

[High Rating Views]

  1. The latest and accurate information on educational policy, school features, courses, academic career, achievement and payment of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test and Examination for Japanese University are published on the school website.
  2. Our learning environment is set up with Wi-Fi and internet in all classrooms with available visual and audio materials.
  3. In the past three years, no offenses or warning offenses have occurred, and proper selection and lifestyle guidance are provided.
  4. Academic and career counseling help assess the student’s ability from the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and their academic career in order to choose and graduate schools and universities well .
  5. We make efforts to improve the educational performance and supportive abilities of the teachers. Evaluation and student questionnaire analysis help with improving the teacher’s conduct, lesson plan and class structure.


◎Making overall crisis management manuals

  • Currently, we have individual manuals, but we need to process of summarizing.

Attached “Self-checking ・Evaluation” below


Check・Evaluaton items
Policy・Educational Goal
Kobe Toyo Japanese College’s mission is to develop students to become a contribution to society with their newfound knowledge obtained through school and their environment.
《Educational Goal》
Their goal is to work closely with students and provide guidance with their career choices for universities, graduate universities, or academic schools. Students should strive to obtain good scores on official Japanese examinations to help with their selection. Through academic career guidance from their teachers, the goal is to lead individual students towards their appropriate career path.
《School Objective on Student's Learning 》
Students will not only learn the language and culture through the completion of the courses, but they will also establish skills, customs, and manners practiced in Japan. Their applied knowledge will help with their daily life and their future goals.
1. School ManagementValification
1.1 Kobe Toyo Japanese College complies with Japanese educational institution standards.
2.Student Recruiting
2.1Students are provided with the latest and accurate information including educational content about school. Foreign language translations are used to help applicants understand the material.
2.2Agencies are set internationally in order to recruit students throughout the world.
3.Student Selecting
3.1Candidates will be selected based upon their educational background, good attendance, commitment to complete class assignments, and the ability to pay for their classes.
3.2Candidates will be thoroughly interviewed by selected school faculty.
4.1Application, enrollment, tuition fees and other requirements are written clearly on an entrance requirement list.
4.2Rules are established on school fee reimbursements based on relevant laws.
4.3In conjunction of 4.1 and 4.2, financial information can be disclosed in appropriate languages for candidates, enrolled students, and financial supporters.
5.Student Support
5.1Students will be provided assistance in understanding and adapting in Japanese society.
5.2Teachers counsel students with career guidance.
5.3In case of serious illness, injury, and involved a car accident, follow protocol and inform the student's emergency contact.
5.4Students are routinely updated and informed about their compliance with Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
5.5Staff closely works with students to ensure their eligibility to work and go to school and prevent students from committing illegal activities in school and in the community.
6.1Clear roles and duties are given to the principal, chief, and full-time and part-time faculties.
6.2Along with carrying out training to reinforce educational skills of faculties, staff is encouraged to participate in workshops held by other organizations.
6.3Faculty are evaluated in order to maintain and/or improve staff’s performance.
7.Educational Activities
7.1Courses are set accordingly to meet policy and educational goals and follow systematic curriculums.
7.2The appropriate class formation is created based upon assessment of students’ degree of Japanese learning with examinations.
7.3distribute teachers for classes properly with considering teacher's capability of teaching and experiences as a teacher.
7.4A book of class record materials is provided. Write an accurate record of classes.
7.5Students are measured and evaluated based on their understanding of the class and their achievements appropriately throughout the semester.
7.6Teachers routinely evaluate educational activities which includes an overall class evaluation.
8.Educational Institutions
8.1The classroom provided is equipped with proper lighting, ventilation, and sound insulation to provide the best environment for teachers and students to teach and learn in.
8.2Students are required to study in their own time apart from learning in class.
8.3The school follows the federal and city laws in order to provide safe and necessary facilities for the students and the staff.
9.Safety and Crisis Management
9.1All students who are eligible can join National Health Insurance.
9.2Establish rules for outbreaking infection disease.
9.3Appropriate action measures will be taken on issued weather warnings including providing and following proper evacuation plans for the school.
10.1Proper authorities are informed in regards to compliance.
10.2A plan is emplaced for faculties to raise awareness of compliance.
10.3Measures are taken to protect privacy information.
10.4If compliance is breached, it is reported to the Regional Immigration Bureau, other government offices concerned, and the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.

Evaluation method

  • A:achieved or conformed item
  • B:partially unachieved, but item which certainly achieve or conform in 1 year
  • C:unachieved or not conformed item