Application list - 神戸東洋日本語学院

Application list - KOBE TOYO Japanese College

KOBE TOYO Japanese College

Application list

  • Please note that depending on your guardian, documents may be different.
  • Please note that there is a gap of sub missed documents may changing or adding after submission.
  • Please email or fax us before sending us all the papers by air.

A. Required documents related to an applicant

1. Application form ( 1/3 )1
2. The reason for studying in Japan and plans after graduation (2/3)1
*Japanese translation1
3. Japanese learning background1
*Letter of attendance from the Japanese-teaching organization you attended1
4. Graduation certificate ( from last school )1
*Japanese translation1
5. Copy of passport1
6. Photo (4cm×3cm • taken within last 3 months ,no hat)6
7. Copy of the payment of the application fees
(Application fees 30,000yen plus bank fees 5,000yen)

B. Required documents related to a sponsor

8. Letter of financial support ( 3/3 )1
*Japanese translation1
9. Employment certificate1
*Japanese translation1
10. Certificate of bank balance1
11. Proof of the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant1
*Japanese translation1