Establishment of 'Kobe Toyo Japanese College basketball division' - 神戸東洋日本語学院

Establishment of 'Kobe Toyo Japanese College basketball division' - KOBE TOYO Japanese College

KOBE TOYO Japanese College

Establishment of 'Kobe Toyo Japanese College basketball division'

In response to earnest requests received from our students for some time, 'Kobe Toyo Japanese College Basketball Division' was established.
Present members consisting of 12 players at present, one manager, and one of our teachers, having an abundance of experience with the game, acting as the coach.
We held the first practice session on the 3rd of July, it being the first time for our students to play basketball in a gymnasium in Japan, with all members proactively participating in a passionate practice session.
All the participating players, despite having an interest and passion for basketball, seemed to realise the importance of learning not just the rules and the jargon, but also technique and above all the importance of stamina and physical endurance in being a good player.
With the intention of further enhancing their basketball skills, it was decided to continue the practice sessions on a regular basis.
The broad aim of the Basketball Division being to acquire and learn Japanese language skills while having fun playing a sport.
As a short term goal we aim to hold a friendly match with a team of Japanese University students. With that in mind, and aiming to combine fun and sports with the study of Japanese, we would like our students to contribute with passion and do their best.